Students pursuing a degree in Chemistry have several options.  Lenoir-Rhyne chemistry offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with a choice of two specialized tracks, in addition to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. 

B.S. in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry is for the student planning to pursue graduate (M.S. or Ph.D.) or health professional (medical, pharmacy, dental, or veterinary) study, work in the chemical industry, or teach on the University level. This degree will provide the student with the background and critical thinking skills to be successful in a variety of post-graduate situations; the major is rigorous yet rewarding in that the graduate has many opportunities available to them throughout their course of study and beyond. 

The B.S. degree is offered with two possible tracks, Classical Chemistry and Biochemistry:

The Classical Chemistry track is a traditional chemistry program.  The curriculum gives students a deep knowledge of the many different fields of chemistry.  Further details on the course requirements can be found here.

The Biochemistry track is more specialized for students particularly interested in the biological applications of chemistry.  This track is ideal for students who wish to pursue further education in medical, pharmacy, or other health-related professional programs.  Further details on the course requirements can be found here.

B.A. in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for the student seeking a general background in chemistry with a focus on sales, quality control lab work, or K-12 education.  An advantage of the B.A. degree is that it allows more flexibility with elective courses, and more opportunity to obtain a second major.  Further details on the course requirements can be found here.


Students interested in attending pharmacy school have several options available to them at Lenoir-Rhyne.  Students can either complete a B.S. degree, or meet the pharmacy school requirements in three years and apply directly without completing their undergraduate degree. 

The chemistry faculty highly recommend that students complete the Biochemistry track of the B.S.  This degree allows students to meet all of the prerequisites for pharmacy school, increases their chance of admission into pharmacy school, and allows students more career flexibility.


Students interested in applying to medical, dental, or veterinary school can major in Chemistry (usually in the Biochemistry track) following our Pre-Medical recommendations. More Info about Pre-Med >>.

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